Why choose us?

We are unique... like you. The way we run our business is different than anything you’ve seen before. We have no session fees, no packages and no extra charge for multiple poses. Our urban photo shoots are done on location, not in front of a crappy backdrop. We believe our seniors deserve a choice and the chance to show their personality and individuality in amazing photos. We’ll give you a product you’ll actually want to look at for years to come. When you shoot with us, it’s all about you. This is a photo shoot experience, not your momma’s old school style. We love what we do and it reflects in our work. No regrets.

Who we are

For most of my life I thought I wasn’t creative- then I picked up a camera...

When I look through the viewfinder and out the lens, I see the world differently: light, shadow, contrast. I love pressing the button and capturing the beauty I see. Sharp contrasts define my style: Urban backdrops with formal gowns - Gothic looks by the lake – Peeling paint and casual dress, rusted cars and musicians: The contrast, the Unexpected helps define and showcase each unique person I am photographing.

I love working with Seniors- I want to bring out their personalities on film, capture the essence of their individuality. My goal is to create portraits that they feel passionately about. Looking back, I know that my own Senior Portraits are not something that I’d pluck from a burning fire. I’m not even sure I know where they are. I choose to shoot on location because I believe that Seniors deserve much more than the crap blue, muslin backdrops they’ve been forced to use for years. I believe they are truly original and therefore, I strive to give every Senior a true fashion photography experience- legit pics and a kick ass time.


We have a unique way of doing things at Steve Bargelt Photography, and we know that you’ll appreciate our no-nonsense style. Every client customizes their own order. It’s as simple as that. Our studio has no session fees, no packages, and no extra charge for multiple poses. You order what you want, in any pose you want with our Minimum Order Shoots. Easy, right?! Half the minimum order amount is due when you call to book your shoot and the other half is due the day of your shoot. All payments go toward the products you choose to enjoy. Here we go…


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